Take it From the Experts, Live Concerts are Better than Streaming

Live concerts are fun and exciting. You get to see your favorite band or artists performing live on stage and singing out your favorite songs. There’s nothing more like being there in person. The experience is totally breathtaking and will definitely take you to a different height of a lifetime experience. Jamming with the performers, […]

Changes in Boston Calling Music Festival Happens in 2017

Boston Calling Music Festival is a Boston-based music festival.  The festival started in 2013 with a twice a year celebration, May, and September. The festival is usually held at the City Hall Plaza. In a recent announcement, Boston Calling Organizers said that the festival will be moving to a new place in this year’s celebration. […]

The Comeback of a Legend, Don Henley in Boston

If you love the Eagles, you definitely know who Don Henley is.  Donald Hugh Henley is an American singer, songwriter, producer, and drummer of the famous band, The Eagles. He is one of the pioneer and founders of The Eagles before he ventured a solo singing career of his own. Eagles were created in the […]

Music Takes Up to a New Level in NBA Game Series

Movie theme songs are really a great part of every film we watched. The soundtracks of these movies became the soundtracks of our lives as well too. Many of the great hit movies like Superman, Guardians of the Galaxy, Harry Potter and more, have carried on big hits on the music and soundtracks used. That […]

Audio Streaming Available for Concert Series You Missed

What can truly bring us down memory lane?  Well, maybe it’s  all about listening to the great songs that made our growing up years.  Songs that make us remember the things that have been and the things that will be.   We begin with the Grateful Dead Smoke on the Boston Music Hall.  Set your […]