Changes in Boston Calling Music Festival Happens in 2017

Boston Calling Music Festival is a Boston-based music festival.  The festival started in 2013 with a twice a year celebration, May, and September. The festival is usually held at the City Hall Plaza.

In a recent announcement, Boston Calling Organizers said that the festival will be moving to a new place in this year’s celebration.  In May 2017, the Boston Calling Music Festival will happen at the Harvard Athletic Complex in Allston.

Boston Calling Music Fest is something that we should all be proud of since it is named as one of the 10th best festivals in the entire USA.

In this particular music festival, Boston Calling organizers really pick the top choices of performers for this particular event.  They wouldn’t want to disappoint their audience and participants who will be going to the event.

Every Bostonian expects a different kind of magic and surprised for every Boston Calling Event.  Every year is spectacular, every performer is unexpectedly the ones that the people want them to be with.

As this is done twice a year, the people of Boston are always fired up to every Boston Calling Events.  One before the onset of summer and the other before winter comes.  This is a perfect time to bond before beginning each season.

It brings extra charge and energy to the people to see their well-loved performers perform on stage doing their favorite songs for them.

However, many changes are brought about by this year’s celebration, aside from the change in venue and location, the bi-annual celebration of the Boston Calling will now be witnessed once a year only starting this year.

This will be a big change for most of the Boston Calling attendees who are expecting to see more of it this September.  Unfortunately, this is the only chance this year to catch up with the happenings at Boston Calling Music Festivals.  

Just in case you still don’t know, there wouldn’t be a second round of the Boston Calling in September. So you better gather your senses and forces and head on to the ground of the Harvard Athletic Complex to witness the events.  The next time to catch it is still in 2018.

But here’s some few reminders for the change in venue, you need to know about this in case you did not know or haven’t gone to the Harvard Athletic Complex yet.

Harvard’s ground is mint. It is all covered with astroturf grass. Remember it is the athletic ground for Harvard.  Everything is properly laid out including the food stalls.

Seafood will be abundant and will be available everywhere in Boston.

This is definitely one of a kind Boston Calling Event that we shouldn’t miss out.

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