The Comeback of a Legend, Don Henley in Boston

If you love the Eagles, you definitely know who Don Henley is.  Donald Hugh Henley is an American singer, songwriter, producer, and drummer of the famous band, The Eagles.

He is one of the pioneer and founders of The Eagles before he ventured a solo singing career of his own. Eagles were created in the early 70s and stayed together until 1980 when the band was dismantled and the members went on to make their solo careers.

We all loved the songs of the Eagles, they definitely made it big in their singing career.  Their songs were monstrous hits around the world.  They have also made in big in the concert scenes. Traveling almost around the world carrying their hit songs.

Henley is one of the vocals, sang the lead in songs like Desperado, Reliable of My Love, Hotel California, Life in the Fast Lane and Get Over It.

With Henley being part of a great band Eagles, it has also won numerous awards in Grammys and became the biggest selling American band during their time.

Don Henley was born in Texas with an Irish, Scottish, and English ancestry in his blood. He went and attended school in Texas where he finished his high school and where he graduated in college.

Henley got to meet Glenn Frey in L.A., also an Eagle member and lead vocalist too. They were both signed in the same recording company.  They used to back up Linda Ronstadt concert tour and used to be her backup group.

That was the catalyst of the now known Eagles Band.  The backup band days serve as the beginning of the formation of their own original band group which they call, The Eagles.  The rest remains a history as we recall how the public accepted the music of the Eagles and play and sing them by heart.

When the Eagles broke up in the early years of the 80s, Henley went on a solo singing career.  Despite his being alone, Henley still proves his worth by still making monster hits that eventually gave him his own solo Grammy Awards.

Once again we will be hearing the golden voice of the Eagles when he makes his comeback concert In Boston.  Get mesmerized again with the soothing and relaxing voice of Henley who once made us swoon over their songs like New Kid in Town.

Henley could have aged a bit but his voice remained as it was when he starts with the Eagle.

Don’t miss out the opportunity to watch him do a live show in Boston.  Watch the legend as he performs some of his great hits.

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