Take it From the Experts, Live Concerts are Better than Streaming

Live concerts are fun and exciting. You get to see your favorite band or artists performing live on stage and singing out your favorite songs.

There’s nothing more like being there in person. The experience is totally breathtaking and will definitely take you to a different height of a lifetime experience.

Jamming with the performers, dancing with them, screaming and shouting, stomping of the feet are all the normal scenes you can get from a concert event.

Though the fans and the audience get to be at their wildest side at times, concert series remains to be your up close and personal encounter with your beloved artists.

Let’s hear from the first-hand experience of a blogger who went out and sees the concert scene for himself.  Let us take a pick on what he has learned from his experience and if it is really worthwhile seeing the concert in person or would it be better to just watch it on live streaming.

John Morris is a blogger for sports events but admittedly, Morris said that he personally enjoys music and theater in particular.  So while he is doing his job as a blogger, he was also into writing about concert events and giving a review about them.

He shared his own experience when he gets into a concert event in Alabama during the 2017 Travel Bloggers Exchange.

Morris said that it was such a great experience knowing new friends and making great acquaintances out of the event.

He got lucky one night where he is staying, at the Huntsville, Marriott in Space and Rocket Center. He was making a phone call when suddenly a coach pulled off and he was greatly surprised when he saw BOSTON, the classic 70s rock band stepped out of the coach.

It was a great opportunity for Morris as he gets the chance to interview and talk with Tracy Ferrie, the band’s brass player.  They got a talk for about an hour where Ferrie offered him a free ticket for their concert in Huntsville.

Morris had been given two tickets for the concert so he invited another friend blogger to go with him. They said that they enjoyed the concert so well and their experience is nothing more compared to a simple live streaming.

Morris and his friend even have a ticket pass for the backstage after the concert which gave him another opportunity to thank Ferrie for his kind gesture of giving him the free tickets.

According to Morris, there is a great lesson he learned from being a blogger, that we should never fail to smile and thank the people that we cross paths with.  You will never know if you will be given such a golden opportunity such as his.  This is a one-time life experience for him that he will never forget for the rest of his life.

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